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Our Story

VASL’s foundation was laid years ago as Saman began her career in portfolio management, strategic decisions, and financial analysis. This experience proved crucial in refining her strategic outlook and problem-solving skills.

She gradually became interested in guiding businesses through significant changes like mergers and acquisitions and saw the significant challenges they faced during this process.

She quickly became an industry leader, helping streamline business operations in the finance and accounting industry, leading to better results.

Along came VASL – a progressive outsourcing firm dedicated to enhancing financial processes and improving organizational performance. At VASL, we’ve worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between great finance and accounting professionals and businesses needing them.

We’ve grown to become a trusted advisor to many businesses, aiding in their transitions and positively shaping their financial outlook.

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Our Values


Collaborate for success

Value creation

Create more value than expected


Transparency, efficiency, and dependability


Appreciate that everyone brings value


Embrace different perspectives


Adapt to changing circumstances and be open to collaborating

Client First

Client satisfaction is our paramount value


Abounding Efficiency

We are masters in generating greater and more profitable outcome for companies

Abounding Talent

A team that believes in producing world class results with an impact.

Abounding Potential

VASL is a potential first remote organisation that hires based on skills alone.

Abounding Services

We provide you with 100% results with accuracy, bringing your ideas to life

Feedback from you

They saved me so much time, effort and hassle by doing all the hard work so I could focus on my work. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone in their search process. These guys truly are the best!

Jonathon Larson

People First Systems

Our customers are utterly happy with the service provided by VASL. The amount of visibility and collaboration are unmatched and truly inspiring people to work with.

Kristina Boris

Cetao Healthcare

All our projects have been a great success with VASL and due to the ease of service and their ability to add a new team member whenever required with a click of mouse.

Joseph Diamond

Intel Soft

I was facing multi-entities and personal finances becoming complicated to the point of not being able to keep it all straight in my head / notes. I now have books on all entities and a robust understanding of accounts and where things stand.

Ian Hamilton

Home Instead Senior Care

Perfect blend of using tools and professionals to support efficient and effective decision making. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Looking forward to working together on more projects in the future. I was incredibly impressed with their services.

Michael Tanner


My VASL partner simplified and expedited M&A activities, enabling me to optimize my time and energy. If deal aggregation sites aren’t cutting it, and you aren’t excited about onboarding and training interns, reach out to Saman to explore how VASL can elevate your search.

Jack Saville

Highland Rock Capital

VASL helped us better manage our resources, I wonder how our people worked before VASL. Your team is truly amazing giving us a great service.

Kelly Crawford

WestSide Coders
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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

15 Onondaga Avenue #12355, SF, CA 94112

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