VASL is the partner of choice for many of the well known businesses, start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and NGOs. We help businesses elevate their value through operations and IT support, custom software development and QA.


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Our Story

After working with several businesses, the founders saw that there is a shortage of demand and supply while the business owners struggle to cope with daily business tasks, both operational and IT related and realized the need of providing skillful labor who sticks around in all circumstances. While Covid affected the businesses in various ways, managing the workforce and their communication came out as the biggest challenge to productivity. These looming people issues bring numerous systemic risks to the businesses and their reputation. In the midst of this ongoing economic and health crises, organizations have truly suffered in managing and prioritizing their operational and IT resources while also focusing on employee safety and health, ensuring that the system is running smoothly and also protecting the company culture. Addressing these emerging concerns our goal is to ensure that businesses emerge from this pandemic stronger and ready for future needs. The founders realized the need to bridge the gap with an extensive experience of years and started this agency  – VASL



Our passion is to drive our customers’ business for success by taking all the pain on us while giving them time back to help them achieve their aspirations.


Realizing the full potential of remote services with universal clientage – a place where people feel like home to work with – to drive a new era of growth, development, and productivity

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VASL is based on trust and customer first model, where customer needs and transparency are a priority while maintaining the services standard with a cost effective structure. The founders’ idea is to give business owners time back and take all the pain with end-to-end services, making sure we set your business up for success. VASL integrates its services with your demands, seamlessly incorporating both into our product deliveries. So why not decrease the workload on your in-house team and get in touch with our offshore specialists to explore new possibilities. VASL offers the perfect solution to this challenge. In outsourcing our services, we connect you with our highly skilled professionals and developers. We not only deliver on projects but also advise on business strategy and software & website development.

Our Perspective

VASL walks in customer’s shoes, solving all pieces of the puzzle. Our focus remains the outcome and result. We understand your frustration and challenges and provide ways to make it easier. We understand your business and the issues critical to your success.

Our Purpose

We aim at enabling organizations to become competitive with the power of our unique set of services, innovation, unmatched design and latest technology. We help you with daily operations and IT needs while you focus on the end goal.

We Love What We Do

We provide business value to our global customers through great services. Our work not only represents us but our customers as well where we deliver high end results that are passion driven, developing high value solutions that impact.

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Abounding Efficiency

We are masters in generating greater and more profitable outcome for companies

Abounding Talent

A team that believes in producing world class results with an impact.

Abounding Potential

VASL is a potential first remote organisation that hires based on skills alone.

Abounding Services

.We provide you with 100% results with accuracy, bringing your ideas to life



We give our employees the freedom to take on new initiatives and challenges, striving towards creating an environment where people feel empowered and do their very best regardless of the location. Our employees enjoy autonomy over their respective tasks, projects and areas.


Exploring new horizons is an essential part of VASL’s mission for us to continue providing services that help businesses drive value and competitive advantage. We truly respect skills, ideas, knowledge and capabilities that each employee brings to the table.


We collaborate even when we disagree. Our team considers the importance of impact on others and seeks input before making important decisions. Our value is to maintain transparency internally and externally as we consider our customers a part of VASL.


We learn, teach, grow with each other and recognise accomplishments and celebrate success. We provide an environment of mutual support and cooperation, acting as champions of one another. Our employees are welcomed and celebrated at each step.


We aim at bringing a positive impact to our customer’s lives, making their goals our priority and building relationships that shape up great future. We are committed to delivering best services with an exceptional team of professionals in a unique and efficient manner.


We value talent from all spheres of globe and remain as inclusive as our clients. At VASL varied set of skills, knowledge, culture and qualifications come together to form unique environment where difference of opinion is appreciated and respected.