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Merger & Acquisition

When you hear about a merger, it seems like the process is a blink of an eye.

However, the acquisition process is a bit longer than any blink & you need a right specialist to carry you throughout the process.

Mergers & acquisitions aim to put substantial resources in a business full of inherent and disclosed risks and rewards. VASL, as your merger & acquisition specialist, will guide you through the critical steps of M&A, from investor teaser to due diligence and beyond to closing a fair deal.

Since, having an appropriate fair value is essential for protection of shareholders, we are here to scrutinize every bit of the deal.

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Industry Selection
Industry Selection

Search strategy substantially relies on industry selection. Making the right choice is thinking critically about opportunity and risk and developing an investment thesis.Our professionals will help you select the right industry fitting your goals and investment capabilities by assessing all the attributes.

Pre-LOI Financial Review
Pre-LOI Financial Review

Our business valuation experts will provide high-level preliminary due diligence to highlight any potential red flags that might surface and be problematic during the purchase or cause our client to decide not to submit an LOI at all. Analysis and Reporting establishes the basis for a potential acquisition.

Search Fund Document Templates
Search Fund Document Templates

We will provide you with a paperwork and documentation package to manage the process smoothly and in a timely manner.

Financial Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence

When valuing potential target companies, there are key details that are not highlighted in Financial Statements of the target company, you need to dig out the actual earnings. For this, VASL is here to perform Pre-LOI and Post-LOI analysis, valuations and quality of earnings report.

Process Support & Project Management
Process Support & Project Management

Our services will include conception and initiation of the process, planning, execution, performance monitoring, search project closing and exit planning as per your custom requirements.

Partner/ Vendor Selection
Partner/ Vendor Selection

In case any third party resource is required (specialized industry/business case), our HR team will provide services in the selection process using their technical knowledge and expertise in the field.

Branding Services/website
Branding Services/website

We build and manage online presence by providing responsive website design and building confidence in your business offerings. This also includes custom Brand guidelines, Deck designs, Logo and brochures.

Deal Flow Setup
Deal Flow Setup

Deal flow is a key leading indicator of the search process’ success. Currently, we are using HubSpot for deal flow set up and execution to track the progress of each client’s work.

Lead Generation, Tracking & Leads Qualifying
Lead Generation, Tracking & Leads Qualifying

Our lead generation experts will find leads, track them and qualify. We will partner with you to screen targets based on your requirement, meet sellers and narrow the pipeline for successful acquisition.


We believe in empathy. VASL has the experience to effectively & efficiently step into our clients’ shoes, understand their needs and perspectives, and use that understanding to align our actions to the best interest of our clients.

We will give you access to the entire team of experts, defined review procedures, best tools and enhanced market knowledge. We pull all hands together to get the work done efficiently.

VASL has the eye for detail with microscope view to pressure-test the quality of the financial information & plans. We can pick out the smallest details or risks that could have a major impact on the M&A decision


Instead of hiring the best applicant, you get uniquely experirnced experts. Our experts work with your staff to seamlessly integrate into your team

Risk Management

Market risk is addressed by forecasting cash flow, with guidance from chief financial officers.

Quality Increase

Outsourcing gives you access to not one person but an entire team of experts. Offering more experience, defined review procedure, and the best tools.

Long term cost saving

In addition to lower labor costs, you also save on hiring, training, software, rent benefits. taxes...

Scability and Retrctbility

VASL is designed for a flexible for fast changing environment. Helping manage spikes in work load quickly and scaling back during lulls.

Focus on core business

Knowing your finances are in the hands of experts, allow you focus on running your core business

Frequently Asked Questions

How do merger & acquisition specialists help businesses?

Merger & acquisition specialists provide guidance and support to businesses throughout the process of mergers and acquisitions. They assist in selecting the industry, conducting due diligence, identifying potential partners or vendors, and negotiating a fair deal. They also help with financial review, document preparation, branding, lead generation and tracking, and other crucial aspects of the M&A process.

How do I know if outsourcing my merger & acquisition specialist is right for my company?

Outsourcing your merger & acquisition specialist may be beneficial if you lack the expertise, resources, or time to handle the process in-house. It is also useful if you want to ensure that you have access to the best practices, technologies, and insights that a specialist firm can provide.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my merger & acquisition process?

Outsourcing your merger & acquisition process can provide several benefits, including access to expertise and experience, increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved risk management, and enhanced deal-making capabilities. With an outsourcing partner, you can tap into a broader range of resources, technologies, and networks, and leverage their knowledge and skills to maximize your success in the M&A process.

Will there be any risk of privacy in outsourcing my merger & acquisition process?

Outsourcing your merger & acquisition process will not pose any privacy risks. This is because we have strict confidentiality and security measures in place to protect their clients' data and information. They also sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and other legal contracts to ensure that your privacy is safeguarded.

What are the key considerations when working with an outsourcing specialist during a merger or acquisition?

When working with an outsourcing specialist during a merger or acquisition, it is important to consider several factors, such as their expertise, experience, reputation, communication skills, project management skills, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, you should establish clear expectations, timelines, deliverables, and performance metrics, and have a robust governance structure in place to monitor and evaluate the progress of the project.

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