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VASL is your end-to-end- search journey partner. We’re here to 10x your time and efforts, from preparing for your search to leading your company and team to new heights

VASL is your End to End journey partner

We help global search funders focus on investing/acquiring businesses by taking charge of each step along the journey. Our proven processes help search funders make their deal sourcing, selection, funding, and acquisition decisions easier and more efficient. Having an independent third party with a global scale and knowledge who can support their growing business needs across borders, regulations, and asset classes will also be beneficial post-close

Industry Selection

Search & Acquire

Transition Seamlessly


Due Diligence

Operate & Grow

Hey Search Funders!

We’ve worked with many clients and significantly improved their search for buying businesses on a local, national, and international scale.

“Their level of professionalism made it clear this was a process they knew by heart and were very efficient at completing. They 10xed my ability to source leads.”
Jonathan Cooper, VP at CYBERG
“VASL was by far the best partner in my search journey. If we rinse and repeat the same process over the next few years, we’ll build a portfolio of businesses very efficiently.”
Gary Torres, Manager at Brics
“The most professional team I’ve ever worked with. We are super effective as a team and they are indispensable to our newly acquired business' success. ”
Juan Nelson, CEO at Custer

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