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Get reliable finance assistance in the USA. Our experienced professionals offer expert financial support, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your financial operations.

Finance Assistant USA

Your Finance Support Partner
Day to day accounting & bookkeeping
Timely and accurate reporting
Rigorous monthly closing
Client invoicing & billing
Fixed asset tagging
Accounts payable management
Accounts receivable management
Annual stock counts


Choose VASL for a cost-effective and efficient finance assistant solution.

VASL offers a cost-effective solution for finance assistant services, providing certified professionals from a global talent pool. With a dedicated resource for each client, we handle training and continuous professional development, eliminating hiring and employee retention costs. Our experienced professionals follow international accounting standards like IFRS and US GAAP, ensuring accuracy in financial reporting. We charge hourly and work remotely, saving you fixed costs. Choose VASL for a cost-effective and efficient finance assistant solution.

Gain an Edge with a Dedicated Finance Assistant

  • Expert Financial Guidance
  • Improved Accuracy and Compliance
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Financial Analysis and Insights
  • Scalable Support
  • Cost Savings – Affordable Finance Assistant USA
  • Confidentiality and Security
  • Business Partner Collaboration
  • Efficient Financial Processes
  • Peace of Mind
Finance Assistant USA

What Our Clients Say

“Partnering with VASL for our finance assistant needs has been a game-changer. Their certified professionals bring a wealth of experience and follow international accounting standards, giving us confidence in our financial reporting. The cost-effective pricing and remote work arrangement have saved us valuable resources. Highly recommended!”


“VASL’s dedicated finance assistant has been a valuable asset to our team. They handle our financial tasks with precision and provide insightful analysis. The flexibility of their hourly pricing model and the expertise they bring have significantly improved our efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

- Sarah

“I was looking for a Finance Assistant Near me in USA when i found out about VASL. Their professionals are top-notch, keeping our financial operations in order and ensuring compliance. The seamless remote work arrangement has saved us time and money. Choosing VASL was one of the best decisions we made for our financial management.”

- Mike

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Finance Assistant

Your Finance Support Partner
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