VASL is the partner of choice for many of the well known businesses, start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and NGOs. We help businesses elevate their value through operations and IT support, custom software development and QA.


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Bring Ideas to Life With VASL

Keep your organization’s daily operations up to par with industry standards. Don’t have the budget to hire a full time customer support specialist in-house? Having trouble finding the skilled employees for your business needs? VASL takes the baton from you and does it for you instead. You don’t need to splurge on a training program in-house or go through hours of interviews. We offer highly skilled industry professionals that excel in daily operations.Equipped with the best skills and collaborative spirit, leave the work to us!.We have been acing the world of business operations and IT services for more than years now. Our vast experience and technical know-how has given us the chance to establish ourselves as one of the best service providing teams in the industry. VASL’s team operates from different countries which means we have access to the best talent from every corner of the world. We have the power and skill to bring your ideas to life and help establish a successful business by giving it an online identity and maintaining your business operations that will speak to your customer and make them choose you among others. Our professionals will listen to your ideas and visualize it for you turning into a business reality. We help expand your business by providing an excellent customer experience while minimizing risks and improving your operations. Our team also supports clients throughout their transition planning for a great future.

Operational Effectiveness

Excellent Service

Unmatched Support

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Our Services Help Businesses Grow With an Impact

Technical Support / Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about prioritizing the schedule of your in-house IT team as we help clear their mind and spirit for things that are critical for core business by taking over all other IT operations. Our team is also available to provide after-hours support for anything critical that pops up and poses a threat to disrupt your day-to-day operations. Enjoy faster issue resolution, improved customer feedback and reduced expenditure on system maintenance with VASL. We help identify the problems proactively and mitigate potential risks before they pose a threat to your business. We can get you up and running in record time if you ever face a system disruption thus reducing your revenue loss. Your company will be able to adapt to environmental, IT infrastructure and integration point changes so your systems can run smoothly in an ever-changing landscape.

Client Operations

For us, transformation is more than just a buzz word. We live the values and employ our proven methods and principles to help companies attain the right balance between fast and deep. We drive the end impact by building the capabilities of the employees in order to make them more in sync with the customer demands and needs. When you’re better able to understand and communicate with your customers, you’re able to deliver better in terms of performance and resolve issues on the go. One of the most common challenges that arises in any journey of transformation is making sure that the change is understood, accepted and implemented correctly so that its sticks over time. With our unique solutions, we can help disburse the agents of change properly to sustain operational excellence. We cover daily operations support and management to build it from scratch and sustain it with measurable goal setting and efficient project management systems.

Fully Managed Assistants / Teams

If you find yourself stressing over a packed schedule and struggle with time and task management then getting a smart, reliable and professional assistant might bring some sanity back in your life. Our remote talent is fully adept at helping business owners with a variety of tasks that they would otherwise do themselves. These tasks can be anything from responding to emails, to updating websites, managing your meeting schedule, follow up on important timelines or other services that are administrative in nature. Our pool of skilled resource is able to fit in with an entrepreneur, a budding startup and a large corporation all the same. You can now focus more on things that matter and leave the small tasks to someone who can shadow you and help you get your schedule in order.

HR / Recruitment Services

Any business or organization is only as good as the people that are a part of it. Let our team of talented and experienced human resource professionals help you set up a strong and reliable HR function. With our experience we are able to identify and fill in the gaps to solve the problem that your organization is facing. Our team has a proven track record of building things from scratch and finding the best resources to make your business the most efficient version of itself. From headhunting to HR strategy or compensation plans, we do it all and we do it really well.

Our Talent Offering Includes

VASL integrates its services with your demands, seamlessly incorporating both into our product deliveries. So why not decrease the workload on your in-house team and get in touch with our offshore specialists to explore new possibilities.

1. Executive assistants/ Virtual assistant / Personal assistant
2. Chief of staff
3. Client Relations executives
4. Account executives
VASL takes the baton from you and does it for you instead. You don’t need to splurge on a training program in-house or go through hours of interviews. We offer highly skilled industry professionals that excel in daily operations.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the backbone of every business and we have been on our journey to revolutionize the customer experience service across traditional and digital touchpoints at every step that matters. We believe in creating value from the very beginning of finishing a sale to managing customer queries after sale at the end. Your customers expect to be given nothing but the best so why should you make compromises and deal with customer loss due to a weak system with inefficient processes? With VASL, be ready to harness the power of a proactive customer service model.

We Provide What Your Business Needs

It’s a great partnership that speaks for successful expansion. We help you add a missing skillset to your business where needed and work as part of your internal team while VASL manages the strategic competencies

We know your pain points and provide a hassle free solution by adding a team extension that delivers with speed and agility to your business problems and needs. Sit back and let us help you

Got an amazing idea? Short on resources? VASL is here to deliver your idea in a box! Businesses trust us with a scalable and ingenious solution in the set time period without any hassle.

Operational Effectiveness

Excellent Service

Unmatched Support

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